AstroMaster Features

         If you’re looking for a dual-purpose telescope appropriate for both terrestrial and celestial viewing, then the AstroMaster Series is for you. Each AstroMaster model is capable of giving correct views of land and sky. The AstroMaster Series produce bright, clear images of the Moon and planets. It is easy to see the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn with every one of these fine instruments. For views of the brighter deep space objects like galaxies and nebulae, we recommend the larger aperture and light gathering ability of the Newtonian reflectors.


          If your interest is strictly watching whales, spotting birds, viewing nature, or checking out your favorite star or planet the altazimuth-mounted models are ideal. Alt-Az models have a convenient pan handle with built-in clutch for easy targeting and smooth motion. Models featuring the German Equatorial mount are a good choice for viewing stars, nebulae, star clusters, and planets. Built-in setting circle aids in locating these objects. When used for astronomical viewing, AstroMasters yield breathtaking views of the Moon, Saturn with its ring structure, Jupiter and its belts and moons,nebulae and star clusters.


          Every instrument features all glass optical elements as well as smooth operating steel tripod mountings featuring manual motion controls. All models feature coated optics for enhanced image brightness and clarity.

AstroMaster Series

Starhopper Series Skyscout NexStar SLT Series Advanced Series CPC Series CGE Series Home Nexstar SE Series

Quick and easy no-tool setup


Permanently mounted StarPointer


Erect image optics – Ideal for terrestrial and

astronomical use


Quick release dovetail attachment – no tool setup


Pan handle Alt-Az control with clutch – for smooth

and accurate pointing


German Equatorial Mount with Setting circles – to

accurately locate and track sky objects


Rugged pre-assembled tripod with 1.25" steel

tube legs – Provides a rigid and stable platform


All coated glass optics for clear, crisp images


"The Sky" Level 1 planetarium software with 10,000

object database and enhanced images

Prices and Specifications

60AZ: $99.99


70EQ:  $179.99


76EQ:  $199.99


90AZ:  $289.99

AstroMaster Omni Series

90EQ:  $309.99


114AZ:  $249.99


114EQ:  $289.99


130EQ:  $324.99

with Motor Drive