MSK-01$179.99 S/H

Our Student Microscopes offer popular features for educational use in a durable scientific instrument. Add the optional mechanical stage for a full-featured, reliable instrument for a fraction of the cost of professional microscopes.


· 45 degree inclined monocular head, rotatable 360 degrees

· Lock-on widefield 10X eyepiece with special scale pointer

· 3 DIN objectives: 4X,10X,40XR

· Magnification from 40X to 400X

· Rotatable nosepiece with positive click stops

· 4 1/2” x 4 1/2” (110x120mm) metal stage with clips

· 6 hole disc diaphragm

· Coaxial fine and coarse focusing

· Built-in illuminator base with 115V 20W tungsten lamp 3 wire cord

· UL approved

· All metal frame with durable enamel finish

· Plastic panels over base for less heat conduction




MF-01 $349.99 S/H

MF-02 $499.99 S/H

Designed to meet the demands of modern laboratory use at an affordable price. Binocular head provides more comfortable viewing.

Inclined binocular head, rotatable 360°

2-10X widefield eyepieces

4 DIN Achromatic Parfocal Objectives

4X(N.A. 0.10), 10X(N.A. 0.25), 40XR(N.A. 0.65), 100XR(OIL IMMERSION, N.A. 1.25)

Magnification from 40X to 1000X  

110 X 120mm graduated mechanical  stage

NA 1.25 substage spiral mount condenser w/Iris diaphragm

5w fluorescent illuminator and spare bulb

In-base control switch and 3-wire cord UL approved  

Our advanced microscope series is equipped with the most popular features and offers a choice of heads to fit various needs and budgets. The cool fluorescent lighting provides white light with little heat and longer bulb life.


·Inclined monocular head, rotatable 360°

·10X WideField eyepiece with special scale pointer

·4 DIN Achromatic parfocal objectives 4X (NA .10), 10X (NA 0.25), 40XR (NA 0.65), 100XR oil (NA 1.25)

·4 1/2” x 4 3/4”(110 x 120mm) graduated mechanical stage

·NA 1.25 substage spiral mount condenser and slides

·Separated coarse and fine focus control with slip clutch

·Tension control adjustment on coarse focusing

·5W fluorescent illuminator

·In-base control switch and 3-wire UL approved cord